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The next book in The Pages of Time series is free for a limited time. Just tell me where to send it and start reading today!


A Trick of the LIght, The Pages of Time Book 1.5


A deadly game of cat and mouse is about to begin...


It’s the summer of ’69, and as Apollo 11 prepares to touch down on the Moon, the Vietnam War still rages in Southeast Asia. Michael Humboldt, a nineteen-year-old volunteer horrifically injured in the line of duty, is plagued by terrifying seizures that leave him unstuck in time.


But instead of the Purple Heart that his sacrifices deserve, Michael’s reward is incarceration at a secure military hospital. His doctors think he is a madman, a threat to himself and others. All except one...


Isaac Barclay is a rising star in the Californian medical community. He’s also the architect of a new drug that slows time perception in users. His creation has been contracted to the US military, but Isaac believes it could help control Michael’s seizures and embarks on a series of off-the-record trials. It is a decision that will have dire consequences, the shockwaves of which will be felt for decades to come.


When Michael disappears on the day of the Moon landings, Isaac thinks he has seen the last of his patient. But the two men’s futures are already entwined, and while Michael wants only to be the master of his own destiny once more, he finds that a taste of power can be addictive.


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